Commercial Transactions 






Our firm stands ready to represent you or your business in any legal transaction throughout every jurisdiction we serve, including in New York and New Jersey.  Our services include numerous types of transactions, such as:



  •         Buy-Sell Agreements and Transactions
  •         Mergers And Acquisitions
  •         Formation of Business Subsidiaries Abroad
  •         Financing Agreements and Transactions
  •         Supply and Demand Agreements
  •         Corporate and LLC Formations
  •         Partnership Formation and Partnership Agreements
  •         Specialized Agreements
  •         Non-compete Agreements
  •         Non-solicitation Agreements
  •         Confidentiality Agreements
  •         Intellectual Property Rights Agreements
  •         Patent Rights Transfer Agreements
  •         Membership Agreements
  •         Security Interest Agreements
  •         Personal Guarantees
  •         Indemnification Agreements
  •         Contribution Agreements
  •         Joint Litigation Agreements
  •         Shareholder Agreements
  •         Loan Agreements
  •         Due Diligence Agreements
  •         Joint Venture Agreements
  •         Settlement Agreements
  •         Termination of Business Agreements 
  •         Assignment Transactions and Agreements
  •         Leasing Transactions
  •         Commercial Lease Agreements
  •         Subleasing Agreements
  •         Consultancy Agreements
  •         Investments and Commercial Lending Agreements
  •         Professional Association Agreements
  •         Physicians Agreements
  •         Executive Agreements

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