Commercial Litigation Cases



We have litigated on behalf of numerous private sector companies, both local and foreign, board members and executives, as well as a number of professional practices, celebrities and public figures in a wide array of commercial and business court and arbitration cases.  We have even represented a foreign country in the United States.  Our firm is proud of its professional and aggressive results achieved in commercial cases.  A representative list follows:

               ·       Successfully defended a 21 million dollar lawsuit in the Federal District Court for the                          Southern District of New York. Plaintiff alleged that the Defendants orchestrated an                            illegal takeover of a publicly held company in violation of federal law. The complaint                            was dismissed in its entirety following a three-day trial.

·       Successfully prosecuted in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of New York a declaratory judgment action demanding coverage and indemnification against one of the largest multi-national insurance carriers.  The Plaintiff in that action had been killed by an allegedly defective product manufactured by our firm’s Italian client. The client’s insurer disclaimed coverage, alleging various jurisdictional and contractual defenses, under both New York and Italian law, all of which were successfully refuted. The Court entered final judgment compelling the insurer to provide coverage and to indemnify the insured in connection with the underlying wrongful death action. We also recovered close to six figures in attorney’s fees which the court awarded the client against the insurer. 

·       Successfully defended a well known Italian textile manufacturer in a significant breach of contract action. The action was litigated in the Federal District Court for the District of New Jersey. The complaint was dismissed in its entirety based on the successful assertion of the forum non conveniens doctrine. 

·      Successfully argued against the dismissal of a New York State Court action by reason of the federal Anti Injunction Act. The action was litigated in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York.


·      Successfully litigated in a matter involving the application of New Jersey’s Lien Law and obtained judgment discharging a builder’s lien on commercial property. The action was pending before the Superior Court of New Jersey for the County of Bergen.

·       Successfully represented one of the most prestigious tractor manufactures in the world in a trial court in Washington State.  The dispute involved breach of a distributorship agreement.

·         Successfully defended a well-known attorney in a fraud lawsuit filed in Bergen County Superior Court in New Jersey and secured the dismissal with prejudice of all counts.


·         Successfully represented a New York supermarket chain in a federal action filed in the Federal District Court for the District of New York against unionized labor. The firm secured an injunction against the continued strike of the local union on the basis of the National Labor Relations Management Act and other federal law.

 ·         Successfully represented a well known public figure in a federal court complaint for            defamation against an out of state corporate defendant.

·         Successfully represented a world renowned tile and granite manufacturer  in a Florida   court action filed against it by a trust, and secured the dismissal with prejudice of all   claims.

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