Employment Litigation Cases


We have represented management of numerous private sector companies, both local and foreign, board members and executives, as well as a number of professional practices in employment disputes ranging from discrimination, wrongful termination, breach of employment agreements, breach of non-compete agreements, breach of confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements, retaliation claims, and whistleblower cases. A representative sample of cases follows:

  • Successfully defended a medical practice in a New York State Court action alleging discrimination under New York’s Human Rights Law. The lawsuit was pending in the Supreme Court for the County of New York. The complaint against the firm’s client had been dismissed in its entirety with prejudice.
  • Successfully defended a New Jersey employer accused of discriminatory conduct, in violation of New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination. The matter was litigated in the Superior Court of New Jersey for the County of Bergen. The Complaint was dismissed in its entirety by summary judgment.
  • Successfully represented a large medical services provider in an Ocean County Superior Court action against it for sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.
  • Successfully represented an officer and executive of a New York corporation and secured a large settlement based on age discrimination and whistleblower claims.
  • Successfully defended a large Italian company against claims of age and disability discrimination in the United States.
  • Successfully defended an employer with hundreds of employees and multiple locations throughout the state in a CEPA / whistleblowing case in Essex County Superior Court.
  • Successfully represented employers in Wage and Hour disputes with the Department of Labor.
  • We have been employment counsel for many years for several medium and large businesses, serving all their HR needs, including preventative advice, preparation of employee policy manuals, termination guidance, and best practices, investigations, and litigation counsel.

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