Commercial Litigation

Historically, our firm has represented a diverse client base, from corporations, directors, officers, and shareholders, to partnerships, managing partners, limited partners, and limited liability entities.


Business Litigation AND TRIAL ATTORNEYS

We handle all traditional litigation in state and federal courts, as well as arbitrations and mediations under the AAA, JAMS or by agreement. Our proven track record is a direct result of careful strategic planning, effective and economic case management, and aggressive advocacy. We are dedicated to provide excellent client service and ww maintain state-of-the-art litigation support systems. We have successfully handled a wide range of sophisticated, multi-party cases in courts across the country, offering the same caliber of service to entrepreneurs and smaller companies as offered to larger enterprises.

We have successfully represented medical laboratories, physicians, health care providers, importers, retail businesses, factories, government-contracted companies, diamond and jewelry dealers, business lenders, accounting firms, internet-based businesses including a top three lead generation business, numerous restaurants, an international book and media printing company, a world-renowned tractor and farming equipment manufacturer, a large security company, textile companies, a television programming company, a foreign country’s cultural ministry, several large scale industrial manufacturers, international tile manufactures, a cosmetics company, as well as many others businesses and their owners and executives.

Commercial Litigation Services

Commercial litigation covers an entire array of legal matters already in litigation or heading to litigation, all of which relate to commercial activity.  As commercial trial lawyers, we represent plaintiff and defendant parties in litigated cases in State and Federal courts.  Due to the uniquely complex nature of commercial law practice, many courts have dedicated divisions, parts and rules specific to this area of law. Even those courts without earmarked commercial litigation divisions often permit and encourage aggressive case management in recognition of the complexities dictated by this area of trial practice.  We are conversant with all state and federal court commercial litigation.


If litigation becomes necessary, we offer representation and defense at all stages of the proceeding, through trial, before arbitration panels, state courts (the Superior Court in New Jersey and the Supreme Court in New York) or in any of the Federal Courts.

Litigation has multiple stages, each offering the astute trial attorney for either litigant a plentiful basket of potential advantages.  In the investigation stage all facts and proofs are gathered.  Once the summons and complaint are served by the Plaintiff, early motions to dismiss for failure to state a claim, lack of jurisdiction or other grounds should be carefully considered by the Defendant.  Then, answers, cross-claims, counterclaims or third party claims follow. After all issue is joined, the pleading stage is closed and formal discovery begins in earnest.  Following the exchange of answers to interrogatories, responses to notices to produce and notices to admit or deny, and after the sworn deposition testimony of parties and witnesses alike is secured, dispositive motions should be considered by all sides.  Unless the case is settled or disposed of through summary judgment in its entirety, it proceeds to a bench or a jury trial, the pinnacle of the judicial process, where battles are finally won and lost, fortunes earned or paid, rights vindicated, reputations restored and credibility sometimes wrecked. Experienced trial counsel will help the client navigate the treacherous waters of commercial litigation as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

Not all litigated cases require the same cookie cutter approach.  Quite the opposite, every case merits a tailored strategy, dedicated to its particular facts as well as to the needs, interests and financial sensitivities of the client. We develop at the inception of every case a carefully thought out litigation plan designed to bring about the best possible outcome in the client’s interest, as swiftly and as efficiently as possible.   We set out reasonable objectives from the proverbial day one and employ all available tools within our arsenal to gain an early tactical advantage designed to further the targeted goals.

We welcome further inquiries regarding your commercial litigation needs and stand ready to represent you.

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