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Repeating Other’s Defamation on the Internet…

REPEATING OTHERS’ DEFAMATION ON THE INTERNET IS PROTECTED SPEECH; IN ANY OTHER FORMAT IT IS ACTIONABLE DEFAMATION! Simply stated, the tort of defamation requires five distinct elements: (i) the making of a verbal (slander) or written (libel) statement of actual fact...

Defamation Case Result – Robert S. Popescu, Esq.

Happy to have won a significant defamation defense action in New York Supreme Court. I represented a renowned, celebrity attorney and his law firm. They were both sued for defamation, interference with business relations and infliction of emotional distress.The...

Distinguished Contributor’s Award 2015

Congratulations Robert Popescu for receiving the Distinguished Contributor's Award for providing legal advice on public television since 1995 for the benefit of minority communities.  The award was bestowed on October 17th by the producers of Romanian Voice...

Can I Sue the Mistress?

….The prudent course is to deal with everything now, in one action. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, including set offs and credits, which could affect equitable distribution, you should seek a piece (e.g 1/2) of the value of the transferred assets. Practically speaking, it does not really matter from whom you recover, as long as you do.

Robert Popescu’s Media Interview ProTV

Mr. Popescu was just interviewed by several media outlets in connection with the New York based US Attorney's press release concerning the arrest of two Romanians and one Italian national in Montenegro on weapons and terrorism charges.  The indictment has just been...


…alleged defamatory statements published on Facebook, technology continues to impact our legal system, with new developments springing every day. The latest such development, of interest to New York legal practice in particular, comes in the form of a decision published on September 12, 2014 out of Richmond County, New York, in the case known as Noel B. v. Anna Marie A. The decision is novel in that it explicitly permitted service of process via Facebook.

Circuit Court Rules That The Eighth Amendment Requires Citizens To Pay For The Sex Change Operation Of A Convicted Murderer Serving A Life Sentence

There are fundamental and widening differences in this country between conservatives and liberals. The rifts between the two groups peaked at various times during recent history as in 1964, when Barry Goldwater, Lyndon Johnson’s political opponent, wrote “The Conservative Conscience”, a book which rekindled the conservative movement in America.


What happens when a parent removes or detains a child in another state, without the consent of the other parent? Which court will decide custody? Is it the courts of the state from where the child was removed, or is it the courts of the state where the child finds himself at the present time?

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