Legal services for Foreign

Companies in the US

Legal Services for foreign Companies in the United States

Italian corporations seeking to do business in the United States need professional legal advice to assure that their efforts are effective and productive.  An experienced business attorney with knowledge of the laws and language of Italy and the United States can be an essential part of your expansion plans.

Our law firm has helped Italian companies make a smooth transition to doing business in the US. Our attorneys understand the culture, law and language of both countries.   For those Italian companies facing the prospect of litigation in the federal or state courts of the United States, our firm offers an experienced team of attorneys which specialize in commercial litigation.  We have worked closely with our attorney colleagues in Bologna and Milan for almost a quarter of a century to better serve our Italian client base.


PLG provides business and commercial legal services to help Italian companies in the United States, including to structure US subsidiaries of Italian companies, as well as


  • Corporate and LLC filings
  • Partnership Formations
  • Transactional Law
  • Commercial Litigation and Collections

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