Employment Litigation and Management Consultancy in New York


New York Employment Attorney

We assist corporate clients, executives and business owners in employment related issues, from compliance and dispute avoidance and resolution, to the full spectrum of issues encountered in the context of the employer-employee relationship.

We advise our corporate clients┬┤ human resources personnel and guide them to identify and avoid complex employment law pitfalls.

Our steadfast goal to each client facing employment law issues is a timely and cost-effective resolution with the least possible disruption to the organization’s business.

Thus, the firm promotes a preventative approach to employee relations by helping businesses develop strategies to anticipate employee problems before they arise.
The firm also provides pre-litigation advice and counseling to employers on general employment, pre-termination, wage, contract and overtime issues to help them avoid litigation and to comply with the numerous laws and regulations governing the employment relationship. Our firm assists employers with:

Preparation or Review of Employee Handbooks and Policy Manuals Programs to Educate Employees on Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Preparation or Review of Employment Contracts Drafting of Non-Compete Covenants

Employment Litigation

If litigation becomes necessary, we offer representation and defense before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), as well as state and federal courts in matters relating to the entire spectrum of employment related issues, including:
Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) New Jersey Family Medical Leave Act (NJFMLA) Discrimination (Age/ Race/ Gender / Nationality/ Disability/ Ethnicity Title VII, New York State and City Human Rights Law, New Jersey┬┤s Law Against Discrimination ADEA) Harassment and Hostile Work Environment Wrongful Termination Whistleblower Retaliation / Quit Tam Federal Whistleblower Severance Agreements / Non Competes Employment / Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreements Preparation of Training and Employee Manuals Employee Benefits ERISA actions defense Wage and Hour Litigation Defense