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Business, Civil and Commercial Law in New York

We Represent Businesses in New York

If yours is a small, medium or even larger size business, we are ready to serve all your legal needs efficiently, promptly and at reasonable cost, placing at your disposal over twenty years of experience in business law and business litigation.

We stand ready to form your company, draft all necessary agreements among all partners, shareholders or members of the business, and subsequently provide to you the legal guidance to ensure your company’s long term success.

If you are in process of buying or selling a business, we also handle stock and asset purchases and sales, from straight-forward transactions, to complex ones.

Business litigation is a complex branch of the law that can be difficult to fully understand and manage without guidance from a knowledgeable attorney. We routinely counsel companies in all employment related matters, including compliance, executive agreements, non-competition matters, and discrimination. Our firm also handles the full array of business related law suits, from simple contract breaches, to shareholder disputes, to international litigation when necessary.  We have litigated on behalf of businesses in the States and Federal Courts of New York and New Jersey, in many foreign jurisdictions including Italy, and in various other state courts, including Pennsylvania and WashingtonState.

Our experience can benefit your enterprise, either as a plaintiff or defendant in any business litigation. 

Representative Types of Clients Represented by the Firm

We have successfully represented medical laboratories, physicians and health care providers, importers, retail businesses, factories, government contracted companies, diamond and jewelry dealers, business lenders, an accounting firm, internet-based businesses including a top three lead generation business, numerous restaurants, an international book and media printing company, a world-renowned tractor and farming equipment manufacturer, a large security company, textile companies, a television programming company, a foreign country’s cultural ministry, several large scale industrial manufacturers, international tile manufactures, a cosmetics company, as well as many others businesses and their owners and executives.

Historically, our firm has represented a diverse client base, from corporations, directors, officers, shareholders to partnerships, managing partners, limited partners, and limited liability entities. We handle traditional litigation, arbitrations and mediations. The firm has provided legal services, and helped solve business problems by effective, economic case management, aggressive advocacy and sensible, timely resolutions. We are dedicated to excellent client service and maintain state-of-the-art litigation support systems. Throughout all stages of litigation we inform our clients of case developments to help achieve business driven solutions.

Reasonable Cost

Unlike large, associate-laden law firms with bloated expenses and a one-size-fits-all billing model that promotes only excessive hourly billing, our firm has sophisticated legal experience combined with an entrepreneurial and flexible attorney fee structure that is capable of shaping each engagement with the best incentive for a successful resolution. The current hourly rates for the attorneys on our business litigation team are among the most competitive in the areas we serve.

We have successfully handled a wide range of sophisticated, multi-party cases in courts across the country, offering the same caliber of service to entrepreneurs and smaller companies that we do to larger enterprises.

A commercial law firm with offices in New York, New Jersey and Europe

Our firm offers you the full array of legal services in the areas of commercial, civil and business law. Regardless whether your commercial or business law matter involves transactional aspects or has already escalated to litigation in any State or Federal court, our firm offers you professional, courteous and vigorous, result-driven representation.

Business and Commercial Litigation Related Services:

We offer the following litigation related services in all areas we serve, including New York and New Jersey:

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Business Fraud Claims
  • Product Liability Defense
  • Tortuous Interference Claims
  • Civil Rico Claims
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Distributorship Disputes
  • Commercial Leasing and Real Estate Disputes
  • Defamation (Libel and slander) Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Emergent Applications for Injunctive Relief and Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Arbitration
  • International Arbitration and Litigation
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Declaratory Judgment Actions
  • Breach of Contract Disputes
  • New Jersey Business Litigation
  • New York Business Litigation
  • Investment Litigation
  • Insurance Litigation
  • New JerseySuperior Court Commercial Litigation
  • New York Supreme Court Commercial Litigation
  • Southern District of New York Commercial Litigation
  • Northern District of New York Commercial Litigation
  • Eastern District of New York Commercial Litigation
  • District of New Jersey Commercial Litigation

Commercial Transactional Services

  • Draft and Negotiate Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Mergers And Acquisitions
  • Transactional Law
  • Formation of Business Subsidiaries Abroad
  • Financing Agreements
  • Supply and Demand Agreements
  • Corporate and LLC Formations
  • Partnership Formation and Partnership Agreements
  • Specialized Agreements