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Privacy Law Traps for U.S. Businesses

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QUESTION:  We are a New York based translation services business. We receive for translation documents with personal information such as birth certificates and immigration related forms which contain detailed biographical data. We plan to transfer the documents to various translators from all over the world by means of chat applications such as Whatsapp. How do we go about making sure the personal information is not misused by these translators? Will the fact that we will have them (the translators) sign an online contract promising to adhere...

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Distinguished Contributor’s Award 2015

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Congratulations Robert Popescu for receiving the Distinguished Contributor’s Award for providing legal advice on public television since 1995 for the benefit of minority communities.  The award was bestowed on October 17th by the producers of Romanian Voice Television, in Queens, New York.

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Can I Sue the Mistress?

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QUESTION:  I live in New Jersey.  My soon-to-be ex together with his mistress transferred a large amount of marital assets to her over several years prior to filing divorce. He is pushing me to settle. If I receive a partial credit for the “transfer/dissipation” in its “trial decision and order”, do I lose my rights to sue her (fraud)? If I take his “settlement offer”, which does not mention specifically about “credit for the transfer/dissipation”, do I still have my rights to sue her based on fraud after we sign the...

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Robert Popescu’s Media Interview ProTV

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Mr. Popescu was just interviewed by several media outlets in connection with the New York based US Attorney’s press release concerning the arrest of two Romanians and one Italian national in Montenegro on weapons and terrorism charges.  The indictment has just been unsealed and the defendants will be brought to trial in New York Federal Court.  A Pro TV news interview is linked below as is the US Attorney’s Press Release.   View on   Cine sunt romanii care risca inchisoare pe viata pentru ca au...

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As explained in previous articles, including the one implicating alleged defamatory statements published on Facebook, technology continues to impact our legal system, with new developments springing every day.  The latest such development, of interest to New York legal practice in particular, comes in the form of a decision published on September 12, 2014 out of Richmond County, New York, in the case known as Noel B. v. Anna Marie A. The decision is novel in that it explicitly permitted service of process via Facebook.   Service of...

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BUSINESS QUESTION: I am trying to obtain a sizable business loan from a local bank. I am asked for a formation certificate and a standing certificate. Is it the same thing? If not, what is the difference?

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ANSWER:   You reference to different documents: a “formation certificate” and a “good standing certificate” (not a “standing certificate”).     A certificate of formation is the document which proves the coming into existence of the business.  It is issued on the same day the company becomes authorized to conduct business in the state of New Jersey.     By contrast, a certificate of good standing is a document which anyone can obtain after the business was formed, to prove that the business was never...

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Circuit Court Rules That The Eighth Amendment Requires Citizens To Pay For The Sex Change Operation Of A Convicted Murderer Serving A Life Sentence

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There are fundamental and widening differences in this country between conservatives and liberals. The rifts between the two groups peaked at various times during recent history as in 1964, when Barry Goldwater, Lyndon Johnson’s political opponent, wrote “The Conservative Conscience”, a book which rekindled the conservative movement in America. The great divide between the two groups, broadly represented by the two principal political parties of the US, has fluctuated over the course of time but arguably has never been as great...

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A recent case I handled in New York Family Court exemplifies the intricate web of issues implicated in custody disputes over children, triggered by lawsuits filed in different states and pending simultaneously. What happens when a parent removes or detains a child in another state, without the consent of the other parent? Which court will decide custody? Is it the courts of the state from where the child was removed, or is it the courts of the state where the child finds himself at the present time? The UCCJEA The answers to the above...

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The Benefits of Having Enforceable Covenants Against Competition When Purchasing a Business

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To better highlight the objectives of this article, I will use the model of an example.  Accordingly, let’s assume that we have a family with experience in the restaurant business, the members of which decide to buy an existing Turkish eatery located in Toms River, New Jersey, the only such restaurant within a 10 mile radius. Buying a business is one of the most important decisions anyone can make. The price for a well-established business is often significant. In addition, the buyer of the business most likely intends to operate the...

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The Devil’s Grinder by Mircea Ionescu-Quintus – Book Review

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The Devil’s Grinder by Mircea Ionescu-Quintus – Book Review

Visit and read Mr. Popescu’s book review of the newly published “The Devil’s Grinder” by Mircea Ionescu-Quintus. “I recommend wholeheartedly Mircea Ionescu-Quintus’ The Devil’s Grinder. It is a poignant work, testament to the cruelties and injustices of communism. Beyond this, its central quality, the compilation of poems, letters and other materials moves the reader to the core in its expression of human emotion, sounded from the depths...

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